Research Centres

Research on sleep and sleep disorders, including narcolepsy, is carried out all over the world. Some of the best-known are below.

Stanford Center for Narcolepsy - advances in basic research on sleep and, in particular, narcolepsy.

Harvard/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Saper Laboratory - basic neurological research, pinpointing pathways of chemicals that regulate the sleep/wake and rem/nonrem cycles in the brain.

Center for Sleep Research, Siegel Lab, UCLA - discovery of orexin, recent discovery of brain imaging technique.

Melbourne Children's Sleep Unit of the Royal Children's Hospital

Dorothy Bruck, at the Department of Psychology, Victoria University in Melbourne, has done research on life effects of narcolepsy. The Department investigates sleep, sleep disorders and circadian rhythms and has published the following recent works:

The Center for Narcolepsy Research at the University of Illinois at Chicago investigates the relationship between pupil behavior and sleepiness. The Center also has resources for support groups.